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Food Technology

Why are so few young people choosing Food Technology as a career path?
Well, maybe limited exposure to food and nutrition and poor press coverage has led to a misunderstanding of the subject and a lack of enthusiasm for discovering the opportunities that it can bring.

To attract the food technologists of the future, we need to excite them about the sector and the career prospects sufficiently and early enough, for them to choose the right GCSE's to be eligible for relevant courses in higher education.

As a career, the food industry can offer endless opportunity and reward, but to convince them of this, we need to show them what’s possible; show them the different faces of the industry, not just the stereotypical technologist in a white coat with scales or a clip board.

At Aspire2Develop, we recognise that motivation is essential. Therefore in order to help connect reality with theory, Diana can come to a venue of your choice and talk with students about the opportunities that are available, what can be achieved personally and financially and provide real world examples to demonstrate the potential.

For further information about Diana’s career to date, see interview with Diana Lewis.

Contact us, without obligation, to see if this would benefit you.




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